IntraTexTT: presentation

This working paper (July-August 2018) introduces the current project to develop a digital humanities tool called IntraTexTT (for "Intralingual Textual Transformation Tool"). This tool is intended for the analysis of textual transformations between source texts and target texts in the production of literary narratives in pre-modern China (ca. 13th-18th centuries). As is well known, this production involved complex intertextuality processes, entailing rewriting and intralingual translation, particularly in the context of the diglossic situation of Chinese between classical and vernacular languages. The IntraTexTT tool will be used for the analysis, statistical reporting, online publishing and sharing of data related to said situations,in which textual production was operated via intertextual transformations.

This working paper sets out the rationale and context for the need to develop such a tool. It gives the general principles, details the typologies, and describes the textual strategies and micro-strategies, with their precise names, to be considered for the realization of a relevant and efficient digital tool. It states that this tool is currently being developed with the help of the CRCAO, UMR 8155, between the author and a CNRS research engineer in charge of digital corpus editing, member of the CRCAO laboratory. The result should be operative during the year 2019.

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